A whole new world
in your classroom

Real Talk is a FREE remote exchange program that provides
young students from the US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland,
Liechtenstein with opportunities to practice one another’s
languages, build relationships, and engage in meaningful,
intercultural exchange.

A whole new world
in your classroom

Real Talk is a FREE remote exchange program that provides
young students from the US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland,
Liechtenstein with opportunities to practice one another’s
languages, build relationships, and engage in meaningful,
intercultural exchange.

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Guten Tag, Y'all!
Peer to Peer

Through cultural immersion and diffusion,
Real Talk
enables young people separated
by the vast ocean to meet each other, teach
each other, exchange their views with each
other, and better understand each other.

Why Real Talk?

First of all, it’s free. So, it doesn’t get better
than that.

- Like, free free? - Yes, absolutely

Second, we give German-speaking students
opportunity to actively practice spoken
English with native English speakers.

Third, it’s a chance for American
students to
learn more about Europe
and the German
language, which opens
up a world of
opportunities for them.

And most importantly, it enables
students to
broaden their horizons
and gain intercultural

- Like, free free?
- Yes, absolutely and FOREVER FREE.
Bringing abroad home

This cultural and linguistic exchange bridges 
the gap between young people and enriches 
their minds beyond something their parents 
and grandparents were able to experience.

The program serves as a bridge across the 
ocean, especially to those who cannot afford 
to travel by plane and don’t have the 
opportunity to socialize with a person from 
another continent. 

Now, thanks to Real Talk, they do.

Paving the way today

Many colleges have foreign language
admission requirements, so understanding 
German and English can increase the 
chances of being accepted.

Besides, mastery of one or more foreign
languages gives students a competitive edge 
in career choices and prepares them for 
success in the global economy.

Liebling sibling

English is a Germanic language.

One study says that about 130,000 words
in modern English derive from Germanic
languages. In fact, about 60% of most
commonly used words in English have
German roots.

Thanks to the unique relationship between 
these two languages, speaking one of them 
makes it much easier to learn the other one.

Beyond a textbook

Sure, students can learn a new language

from a textbook or an app,
but participating
in an international
exchange program lets
young people
learn natural and authentic

language firsthand.

Real Talk gives students a real
to learn and actively
practice both formal
and informal
language, which helps them
proficiently in real-world situations

in real time with real native speakers.

Practice makes perfect

Numerous studies show that students fail
to fully
grasp foreign languages when they 
have anyone to practice them with.

And what can be better than the opportunity 
improve fluency by engaging in full-on, 
dynamic conversations with native speakers 
of the foreign language students aim to learn?

Prepped to lead

As our world has become more 
interconnected and interdependent, so 
has the need to speak a foreign language 
and to develop core intercultural 

Real Talk has been developed to help 
students become global citizens who are 
both culturally and linguistically prepared 
to function in this Brave New World.

Diverse & Inclusive

Historically, many students have been 
excluded from reaping the benefits of 
educational exchange programs due to 
socio-economic barriers. Many programs 
divide classes of students because they 
are private, exclusive, and elusive.

But not us! We want everyone to join in 
the conversation so they can benefit from 
engaging cultural exchanges, while 
building their capacity to deal effectively 
with diversity and difference.

Need more convincing?

Here are many more reasons why you should participate in Real Talk.
Click below if you’re one of those who like to read.

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How does it work?

First, you fill out the form below
to reserve a spot so you can partner
other schools across the ocean.
We carefully review the submitted


Then we match your school or class
a partner school or class from
the US or Europe based on grade
level, students’ academic interests,
and their language proficiency.


Once matched, we send you your
partner school’s contact information
and further instructions, along with
an invitation for your school or class

to join Real Talk.

And ta-da! Thanks to structured and active collaboration, students interact
through video chats, interactive lessons, webinars, and games using existing digital
such as Zoom, BigBlueButton, or Google Meet.

Is Real Talk only
for language classes?

Absolutely not.
Real Talk is a cross-curricular
program that can be used in any class:
language, math, social studies, English
Language Arts (ELA), and others.

“How?” you might ask. It’s simple: Students can
practice and learn each other’s languages while
also mastering the academic content laid out in
their grade level curriculums.

Case examples
How to be in sync?

We encourage all the teachers who
participate in our remote exchange program
to work
together during the lesson planning
process to ensure that each lesson meets
targeted goals and that the student
materials align with the academic standards
required in their independent countries.

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On a mission
On a mission

Real Talk is a nonprofit program
by Denglisch Docs,
an American-German startup

on a mission to make the entire D-A-CH-LI
bilingual. Learn more.

As an innovator in the field of language,
and education, we aim
to advance active and natural
use of
the English language in every school,
and university.

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